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Moscow; Fabruary,2; 2005
On January 29th  the main pavilion of the Mosfilm film studios was the scene of the Golden Eagle award ceremony for the 2004 Russian releases. The Golden Eagle is the National Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences Award, the main and most prestigious Russian film prize. The ceremony was hosted by famous Russian film director Nikita Mikhalkov. The principal honorary guests were the world-famous American Francis Ford Coppola  and Italian Ennnio Morricone who received Golden Eagles for The Contribution Into World Art and for The Best Film Music (The 72 Meters feature) respectively.
   The Nutcracker produced by Argus International won The Golden Eagle in The Best Animation category. By now it is the highest recognition received by this film. It has already got a number of Russian film prizes and is selected by many film festivals for 2005.
    The Nutcracker (85) was released by Argus International/Gemini Film International (the authorized distributor of XX Cent. Fox and MGM) in Russia in October and at the same time by German MCOne in other territories, including Germany and USA. The film was directed by Tatiana Ilina  who also was a co-author of the script. The other co-author was American Michael Maurer, now working on the next studios feature project The Magic Flute. Natalia Malgina and Alexei Shelmanov were the two leading sequence directors. The music for the film was composed by a young Russian talent Alexander Vartanov who was personally greeted and praised by Mr. Coppola.

Moscow, December 27, 2004
The Nutcracker was nominated to the National Cinematography Award The Golden Eagle for the year 2004.
The animation feature The Nutcracker (85, 2004, dir. T.Ilyna) produced by Argus International (Moscow) was nominated to the National Cinematography Award The Golden Eagle for the year 2004. Among other nominees in The Best Animation section are the G.Bardins Chucha-3 and M.Muats About a Mouse. The official award ceremony will take place on January 29, 2005. Another recent release of Argus International - a festival short The Stormy Petrel (10, 2004, dir. A.Turkus) has already won awards of The Golden Fish and Stalker film festivals.

Moscow, October 29, 2004
The Nutcracker's first night passed with great success in a movie-house Five Stars.
On October 27 the central movie-house 'Five stars' invited the public to the first night of a full-length animation film 'The Nutcracker'. Almost one thousand children and grown-ups attended this event. Girls wearing dolls' PICCOLINA costumes were distributing toy-spinners advertising PICOVIT vitamins from the film sponsor, KRKA Company. Everyone who wished, had his picture taken with human-sized dolls - NUTCRACKER and MOUSE KING; children were photographed in wonderful PICOMOBILES. Clowns and musicians playing the film music, backed up festive mood. When numerous balloons wafted down from the ceiling, spectators felt as if all of them were playing parts in the magic animation, every adult had a childish feeling that there is nothing impossible in the world. The festivity was a great success, this was the general opinion of those who came to congratulate the company 'Argus' on the first night: singer Alexander Marshall with his wife and son, poet Yurij Entin, directors animators Alexander Tatarsky and Yurij Kulakov, actors Alexander Zhigalkin and Evgenij Mironov. We hope that 'The Nutcracker' will soon acquire even more friends among our audience. Come to see the film, it is bound to be a great pleasure. See reviews on Afisha.ru