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The authors of that feature could not tell everything they wanted about the main characters of the film. Now, in the series created especially for this web site, we are making an attempt to fill that gap presenting the Nutcracker and his friends in their true exposure. The series author and director is Maxim Polyakov, known as the author and designer of world-famous animation shorts "It's My Life" and "Only for Dogs". He was assisted by Alexei Yani and Sergei Motorin.

Аргус — 2,41MB
Мультфильм 'Аргус'

Дуб — 1,53MB
Мульфильм 'Дуб'

Все по плану — 2,85MB
Мультфильм 'Вес по плану'

Кладбище — 1,83MB
Мультфильм 'Кладбище'

Помойка — 1,40MB
Мультфильм 'Помойка'

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