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Where can I buy or see the film 'It's My life'? I've seen it once in a house of casual acquaintances and I'm ecstatic about it! Alexej.

The Film 'It's My life' was included in our animation collection, but it was long ago. You can buy it at our office - See Contacts.

Do you need any actors for dubbing at present? Please inform me if you have an actors' database.

There is no actors' database at our studio. Dubbing is a rare and swift process. At present there is no such necessity, but you should occasionally look up our vacancy section, and you may be lucky.

Last year you declared that Rammstein was going to sing in your film, is it true or not? Where is your soundtrack going to come out - in Germany or here?
Unfortunately we had to give up the idea of cooperation with the German group, because Rammstein music somehow is not fit for our animation. 'The Nutcracker' soundtrack will contain the film song performed by Alexander Marshall and Angelica Markova.

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