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A or Administration

Vladimir Repin
The Studio General Director since its foundation in 1991. Producer of all 'Argus' projects.
Natalia Val
Head of 'Argus Distribution', received in all the super spheres, including those of the cinema.
Galina Kazankina
Chief writer of the Company. She is the author of at least ten scripts of the series 'Detective Duo' and of the dialogues for 'The Nutcracker', took part in working out its sound design.
Sergej Karinsky
Marketing and PR director, VIP.
Tatiana Golikova
Chief 'Argus' economist. Never drinks, or smokes, or lends money. Apart from that she is a beautiful woman, a very good mother and a brilliant worker.
Natalia Popova
Economist, staff and logistics manager. Very nice, charming and easily blushing, a real 'Argus' treasure.
Vera Kozlova
Production coordinator taking care of all 'arguslings' like Mother Goose, therefore generally loved and honored.

B or Brilliant Minds

Alexei Turkus, Company's leading art director and creator, whose creativity was for three years given almost entirely to the episodes of 'Detective Duo'. His artistic biography is extremely vast and enviable. A great patriot. In 2004 made a marvelous film 'Stormy Petrel', that gained the title of the funniest film of the year.
Alexei Shelmanov, one more leading art director and creator, also made a three-year contribution to 'Detective Duo'. 'The Nutcracker's' director and one of the dialogue authors.
Petia Kotov, an extremely gifted designer and decorator, in spite of his short stature. Winner of a 'Crystal Glove' of the New-York Festival. Having come to work with 'Argus', instantly changed Ivan's and Mitrofan's clothes for Bedouins' garments. Gave 200 p. c. of his time and heart to 'The Nutcracker'. Natural father of its main female character Masha.
Tatiana Ilyina, director and designer, 'The Nutcracker's' creator. Even a puppet comes to life under her spiritual gaze. In spite of a back-breaking work over 'The Nutcracker' has managed to retain her charms.
Natalia Berezovaya, art-house animation plenipotentiary and 'Argus' child. After the triumphant 'Cat's Story' (Espinho, Annecy, Rio de Janeiro, Chicago, LA, Bratislava and other festivals) went on collecting prizes for the film about a pig 'It's My Life' (premium in the nomination 'the funniest film' in Annecy). No less successful in bringing up a heir, who is doomed to make a film director as well.
Maxim Polyakov, director, designer, animator, author, inexhaustible source of creative ideas. Very fond of children and animals. Made a successful entrйe at some international festivals with his film 'Only for Dogs'.
Denis Tsybulkin, director and co-author of the project 'Slondike'. So earnest in his manners, that even the chief economist (see above) is wary of him. Denis is 'Argus' future, since he has mastered all the newest techniques of modern animation.
Natalia Malgina, director of the project 'Detective Duo', talented animator and professional photographer. During 'The Nutcracker's' production showed her maturity as a director and editor.
Dmitry Kupriyanov, director of the project 'Detective Duo'. Gifted, serious, self-controlled and very animated as an animator.
Vassily Shevchenko, assistant director, animator, mechanic and, if necessary, able to become a plumber with equal success.
Nicole Erykalova, assistant director, sportswoman and a recognized beauty. Easily masters new skills, for instance an author of dialogues in 'The Nutcracker' project.
Inna Kuzmina, assistant director, spirit of No 1 cutting room, winner of the Challenge for pre-schedule editing her pieces of 'The Nutcracker'.
Marina Tjabut, assistant director and animator, high-class professional. Under A. Turkus' tactful guide made her dubbing actress' debut in the 'Stormy Petrel'.
Sergej Motorin, line-test operator and editor. Disco dancer and all the female 'Argus' team minion.
Alexej Mashtakov, animator, one of the 'Slondyke' makers, 'Argus' natural child. In 'The Nutcracker' project was the animation assistant director.
Anastasia Troitskaya designed the whole advertising campaign of 'The Nutcracker'. Very intelligent, talented, charming, modest and well-mannered.
Ekaterina Smirnova, one of the best 'Argus' in-betweener and assistant director In 'The Nutcracker' project made a successful debut as an assistant director.
Olga Katzuba, a striking specimen, combining beauty, talent and diligence. Master of in-betweening.
Alexander Mironov has been working with 'Argus' since the very beginning. Cleaning-up section checker. His angelic patience helps him in bringing up really brilliant artists.
Margarita Sharkova, after leaving the cleaning-up section for the computer one, has successfully mastered the tumult of colors, shapes and shadows in 'The Nutcracker'.
Petr Burenkov, a great master of the computer section; special effects are his forte.
Vladimir Berezovoj, composer, always ready to solve all the directors' and designers' problems, at times making them even more complicated.

C or Creators

More than a hundred animators, graphics, decorators, designers work with 'Argus'. All of them are cheerful and kind-hearted. Our medium age is 24.