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Current projects

The series 'Emerald City' (26 x 26)

The series is based on wide-known books by Alexander Volkov 'The magic of Emerald City', 'Urfin Juice and His Wooden Soldiers' and 'Seven Underground Kings'. It is a co-production of 'Argus International' and 'Motion Works GmbH' (Germany). Its release is planned for 2006.

The Full-Length Animation film 'Ruslan' (85')

The film is based on Pushkin's poem 'Ruslan and Ljudmila'. The pilot reel was enthusiastically accepted by the international film community at the MIP TV Market in Cannes in 1998. The future film is meant to be a blockbuster of the highest quality and epic verve. At present the pre-production stage has started.

The Full-Length Animation film 'The Magic Flute'

The original film based on Mozart's opera. Written by Michael Maurer (USA), directed by Phil Roman (USA). Fantasy with elements of adventure melodrama, in which the action takes place in fairy-tale realms of the Moon, the Sun and the Twilight. A beautiful story of love overwhelming hatred, music triumphing over the forces of dissonance and chaos. The film production began in 2004. World release is expected in autumn of 2006.