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Argus Availability Catalogue:

Leato and Feofan. The Game of Poker
(26 min, 1992)
Dir. A.Guryev
The famous detective Leato and his loyal friend and assistant Feofan the Cat carry on a courageous struggle against criminals, witches and werewolves. They always get the upper hand in the most dangerous and difficult situations.
The Soap Bubbles of Aunt Flor's Cat
(5 min, 1993)
Dir. A.Gorlenko
A short story about being in high spirits despite dismal weather.
Treasures under the Mountain, or The Hobbit
(7 min, 1994)
Dir. R.Mitrofanov
Prologue to a feature-length film based on a well-known fantasy by J.R.R.Tolkien.
Leapfrog (collected cartoons)
(10 min, 1994)
Over a dozen amusing cartoons on different topics (about 30 seconds each) directed to the youngest audience.
The Adventures of Zig and Puce
(24 min, 1996)
Dir. R.Mitrofanov
An adaptation of popular French comic strips of the 1920s made in the original style. Two friends, Zig and Puce, in company with Alfred the Penguin go to the rescue of the circus dancer Nannette who has fallen into the hands of villains.
Puss in Boots
(22 min, 1997)
Dir. A.Davydov
An adaptation of Charles Perrault's classical fairy tale made in the traditions of classical Disney-style animation.
The Adventures of Dendy The Elephant
(13 min, 1996)
Dir. A.Ignatenko
Birds and animals live together in peace in a beautiful city, when all of a sudden this idyll is broken by the marauding band of the Gray Rat. The courageous and incorruptible Elephant Dendy routs the enemy and saves the beautiful city.
From Olympus to Atlanta
(10 min, 1996)
Dir. R.Mitrofanov
A film to mark the centenary of the modern Olympic movement, ordered by Russia's National Olympic Committee.
Children in the Sky (student serial)
Thirteen one or two-minute sketches made by Argus trainees:
  • The Rich Have Their Whims (2 min, 1997)
  • A Joke (1 min, 1997)
  • The Damned (1 min, 1997)
  • Under the Influence (1 min, 1997)
  • Gallochka (The Parting) (1 min, 1997)
  • Baldizer (1 min, 1997)
  • An Incident in Kindergarten (1 min, 1997)
  • Margarita (2 min, 1997)
  • Children in the Sky of Cologne (2 min 30 sec, 1997)
  • On Love (1 min, 1997)
  • Five o'clock (2 min, 1997)
  • The Victor (1 min, 1997)
  • The Fly (1 min, 1997)
Detective Duo, series (13X15')
A funny collection of stories about a private detective agency.
Ivan and Mitrofan Get into Television (15 min, 2000) Dir. A.Davydov
Ivan and Mitrofan in the Museum (15 min, 2000) Dir. I.Yevlannikova
Ivan and Mitrofan Set Up an Ambush (15 min,2000) Dir. S.Ainutdinov
Ivan and Mitrofan Aboard Ship (15 min,2000) Dir. D.Kupriyanov
Ivan and Mitrofan on a Diet (15 min,2000) Dir. K.Polikarpov
Ivan and Mitrofan in the Castle (15 min,2000) Dir. I.Yevlannikova
Ivan and Mitrofan in the Future (15 min, 2000) Dir. A.Shelmanov
Ivan and Mitrofan in the Movies (15 min, 2000) Dir. A.Turkus
Ivan and Mitrofan at the Stadium (15 min, 2001) Dir. N.Malgina
Ivan and Mitrofan in the Mountains (15 min, 2004) Dir. D.Kupriyanov
Ivan and Mitrofan in the Desert (2X15 min, 2004) Dir. A.Shelmanov
Ivan and Mitrofan in the Hospital (15 min, 2004) Dir. A.Turkus
Slondike, miniseries
A funny action miniseries where elephant-looking crooks try to attain their evil aims, but in vain.
Slondike-1 (13 min, 1999) Dir. D.Tsybulkin
Slondike-2 (22 min, 2004) Dir. D.Tsybulkin
Cat's Story (3 min 40 sec, 1999) Dir. N.Berezovaya
A tragicomic story of crime and punishment.
It's My Life
(3 min, 2000)
Dir. N.Berezovaya
A simple life story of a little pig.
Only for Dogs
(5 min. 15 sec., 2002)
Dir. Maxim Polyakov
A special event may have an unpredictable final.
The Nutcracker
(85 min., 2004)
Dir. T.Ilyina et al.
A new and original version of the famous fairy-tale.
The Stormy Petrel
(10 min. 20 sec., 2004)
Dir. Alexei Turkus
A school literature class becomes a phantasmagoric show where impossible things happen.

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