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In 1991 thirteen persons, pursuing different aims, gathered in the hotel 'Leningradskaya' to become founders of a new film studio. The name 'Argus' was inherited from the former company, engaged in creating a production line of animation films. The newly established 'Argus', from its founders point of view was meant to become an independent Russian studio making animation films for children.
Some years later only Vladimir Repin remained of all the creators to fulfill the functions of the Company president, producer and promoter. Taking into account the heat of perestroika, his quest of making traditional classic animation films for children seemed to him now real and profitable, now completely out of date.
Nevertheless he has never betrayed the main principle of team work. Patiently and methodically he 'cultivated' directors and designers, painters and computer graphics artists within the company frame. A lot of animation masters, who began their career at 'Argus', work nowadays with all Moscow (and not only) film studios. Such film directors and Natalia Berezovaya, Maxim Polyakov, Denis Tsybulkin, Dmitry Kupriyanov, Natalia Malgina have become the subjects of studio's pride and glory, having won a lot of prizes at national and international festivals of animation.

'Argus International' is a leading producer of animation films in Russia. Within the last ten years the company is cited among major animation studios of Western Europe, and in the course of the latest years it joined the group of studios producing high-quality animation films not only in Europe, but all over the world.
'Argus International' history began in Moscow in summer of 1991, when an independent film studio specializing in making animation films appeared. Its permanent president is Vladimir Repin. Many things had changed since, but the purpose of making animation films for children according to classic traditions remained unaltered, as well as the politics of the company consisting in working with specialists brought up by itself. A great number of directors, designers and graphic artists having gained their professional skills at 'Argus' are now working for all Moscow studios, and not Moscow alone.
In 1996 a new joint Russian German venture named 'Argus Film Studios & Co International' based on 'Argus' studio was established. At present more that 150 different specialists in animation technologies are working for the Company. It has a reputation of a successor of classic traditions and a producer of high-quality films for vast masses. Nowadays 'Argus International' presents full-length animation film 'The Nutcracker'. It is a new stage of the studio evolution, since 'Argus International' is just beginning to produce full-length animation films. From 2005 it plans to produce a full-length film a year. Besides the Company is increasing its serial production, making two serials of 26 x 26 min. annually.
'Argus International' is renowned also for its author's (festival) animation. 'Argus' films have gained a number of prestigious festival prizes. In January 2000 a pilot reel of the future film 'The Nutcracker' won a 'World Gold Medal' for the best animation surpassing even 'Walt Disney'. Short films made by 'Argus' were presented at such famous festivals as Annecy Festival (France), 'Cinanima' (Portugal), 'Anima Mundi' (Brazil), 'KidFilm' (USA), 'FilmVideo 2000' (Italy), 'Animation Celebration' (USA) and many others. The film 'It's My Life' was awarded with the prestigious 'Mike Gribble Prize' as the funniest one at the Annecy festival (France, 2001). The full list of awards, gained by the company and its directors can be seen in the 'Prize section'.